Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cats waxed to avoid actually posting to this blog about catwaxing:

  • Taking pictures of my current knitting project and putting them up on Ravelry. Of course, with appropriate sizing, organization, and all.
  • Reorganizing my Ravelry queue, as one does.
  • Starting a whole new Facebook photo album.
  • Dutifully catching up on my Twitter.
  • Rewriting my to do list for this week.
  • Tidying my coffee table.
I'm surprised that the sheer meta of this didn't rip the space-time continuum...

ETA: Jamie wants the knitting pictures, so here are my unfinished Waterfall Socks.


  1. Are the knitting pictures available to those of us who aren't ravelers?

  2. Currently, I am wondering at what point deciding if this novel is in first person or third begins to count as catwaxing.

  3. I can post the knitting pictures if you want -- I'll edit the entry. *g*