Tuesday, August 25, 2009

strategies in avoidance

Has everybody actually been working lately? I notice a dearth of shiny, squeaky cats in these parts recently.

Me, I'm in that sticky bit of writing the mystery where I know the victims, but I haven't yet sorted out who the killer is. So I'm kind of stalling until the copy-edited manuscript I'm waiting for gets here, while my backbrain works on the stuck part. However, that means not so much catwaxing as actively finding things to do that are not work, because while it's working over the hard bit, my brain refuses to put out on other writing-related topics.

However, in the past seven days, I have:

Climbed a cliff (three routes)
Driven to Maine
Attended a concert
Done a whole bunch of outstanding paperwork
Read a book or two
Cleaned up the pile of returnables (aka the Shrine To Bacchus) on the back porch
Watched a certain amount of ancient television
Brushed the dog (who still needs more brushing)

...and done some laundry.

Now if only I could write more than one sentence today...

1 comment:

  1. Yeah. I'm at the part of the revisions where I have to put the middle of the mystery together so it matches the beginning and the end properly. Cat-waxing is absolutely abounding in these parts.